I’m a creative designer with background in brand communication, passion for editorial and a hard crush on typography.


Very organized and detail-focused, I have a heart for creating deep concepts through extensive research, to be materialized in every aspect of the design discipline.

I’m also a co-founder of Arnold (2012), a design studio from Brazil where I’ve done most of my career work for awesome people.

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Warm Art Space is more than your average art gallery with concrete floors and white walls waiting for you to come in and be completely ignored. 

Warm Art Space


Flora — Idea!Zarvos

Flora is a residential building targeted to fresh families, located on Vila Ipojuca, a developing region of São Paulo, the project's concept is about "growing" & "flourishing".


Founded by different and complementary people with different and complementary backgrounds, Muinto is a design studio pursuing their own Brazilian identity.



UNE — Idea!Zarvos

Une is a commercial building designed by Brazilian famous architecture firm Gui Mattos for the development company Idea!Zarvos.


Luciana Izuka

Luciana Izuka is a Brazilian freelance photographer. Working in both advertising & editorial, her work is characterized by it's neutrality and flexibility, which allows her to adapt to each project, regardless of style.



Series of maps pinpointing the hottest spots around New York City & Los Angeles areas.