Warm Art Space is more than your average art gallery with concrete floors and white walls waiting for you to come in and be completely ignored. — Arnold, 2014, Photography Leo Sang


Every brand aspect, from architecture to stationery, is meant to remind you to challenge status quo — confront what have been established and follow your own beliefs.

This is why everybody gets special attention and every letterhead and envelope is personally stamped by the staff. Which means that people are the most important part of the brand and that the art market should never be apart from them.

Art is all about people and that’s what they believe. Equipped with a cafe and smiles on their faces, Warm Art Space is happy to see you. It doesn’t care if you don’t know what the heck an installation is talking about; if you want to know more about the artist that did it and his work they’ll be glad to help you out.

The nearly 80-y.o. house makes a perfect environment to make you feel just fine, from the brick facade to the wooden floor, warm lights and carefree attitude, the gallery wants you to feel warm.