Une is a commercial building designed by Brazilian famous architect Gui Mattos for the development company Idea!Zarvos. The building’s core idea is to connect professionals from different creative areas on one of São Paulo’s biggest creative spots, Vila Madalena, known for it’s cultural scene and relaxed lifestyle. — Arnold, 2015, Photo Leo Sang


Architecturally, the building focus on the role of collaboration in creative work. It explores it with wide communal areas, clear spans, green areas and other different spaces designed to encourage encounters.

Based on those premises we developed an identity that not only dialogues with the creative community, butalso reinforces the concepts present on the building itself, being modern, creative, dynamic and human.

The modular logo varies from 4 different designs, applied in different moments. The typography associates with the building’s lines — modernist but with a contemporary feel — have been chosen not only by it’s lines but also by its large glyph set, used in various ways to create text hierarchy.

Movement is an important concept and it is present in the brand’s icons and signage, along with other graphic elements based on the building design itself.