Founded by two different and complementary persons from two different and complementary backgrounds, Muinto is a design studio pursuing their own Brazilian identity through architecture, interior and furniture design. The studio combines rational problem solving skills with tinkering and experimenting, making an interesting impression of what happens in Brazilian's cosmopolitan scene. — Arnold, 2014, Photography Leo Sang


We thoroughly researched old letterpress studios to find the best combination of wooden typefaces, later printed, selected and digitalized to compose Muinto Display, which uses two different typesets combined to represent the Brazilian plurality and unevenness. Along with the display typography, we took a more functional approach so as to represent the rationality of the project and quality of the studio’s work with simplicity, hierarchy and space.

The brand concept is based on the modernist Oswald de Andrade’s Anthropophagy, an artistic movement from the end of the '20s, which states that Brazilian’s artistic production should have their own identity, not by denying the foreign scenery, but rather by eating and digesting it in such a way that the result is not only typically Brazilian, but also capable of maintaining the quality of European modern art. Some of the most iconic of Brazilian expressions come from this main idea, such as Bossa Nova and Tropicália.

The use of colors is an important aspect while communicating Brazil, so tones of green, yellow and blue were selected to confront the common place and represent it with sobriety on different types of paper, which can be easily found in most Brazilian stationary shops.